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What Is DANCElectric ?

Clubbing project dedicated to organization, promotion & production of deep and intense House music with occasional journey in to Techno world.

Founder of project DANCElectric (Œ), DANCElectricPHILIPE (aka #electricman) is resident DJ in Culture Club Revelin, currently 49th club in the world according to Top 100 Clubs by DJMag.

DANCElectricPHILIPE shared stage with some well known names over the years: Solardo, CamelPhat, Patrick Topping, Carl Cox, Fatboy Slim, Bob Sinclar, Claptone, MK, Mark Knight, Paul Van Dyk, Dixon, Idris Elba, Roger Sanchez, Technasia, Denis Cruz, Anna, Prok&Fitch, Doorly, Weiss, Fedde Le Grand, Manuel De La Mare, Anna and many other respectable artists.

  • 1997
  • Career beginning The year 1997. is known as THE year for DANCElectricPHILIPE because this is the year he started his career as a DJ. He was only 16 years old at that time but he spent summer as a resident DJ in Aurora club in Podgora.
  • 2011
  • Culture Club Revelin After few years of playing in Culture Club Revelin as a guest DJ, DANCElectricPHILIPE started his Revelin Residecy in the Summer 2011.
  • 2015
  • 303Lovers In year 2015 he released single ‘Bird Song EP’ with Manuel De La Mare for 303Lovers that reached top15 on Beatport techno chart. After more than 150 events, PHILIPE finished amazing season 2015 with performance on ADE for 303Lovers.
  • 2016
  • New releases 2016 started with new release for 303Lovers, again using the formula that works, joining forces with Manuel De La Mare and producing track Reload. After release for 303Lovers, PHILIPE signed new track for another major ‘player in the game’, Sweat It Out Records, track called ‘U Make Me Feel’ is inspired by Sylvester's disco banger ‘You Make Me Feel’.
  • 2017
  • 150 events 2017. was one of the biggest so far, over 150 events, including opening UMF stage at Ultra Music Festival. New collaboration on stage with Technasia, famous actor & DJ Idris Elba alongside with Doorly.

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Experience DANCElectric sound in your venue. If you are looking for sounds of deep and intense House music with occasional journey in to Techno world then DANCElectric is just right for you.

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Project DANCElectric Residency

Welcome to our world, it’s electric you'll love it!

    Clubbing project dedicated to promotion & production of deep and intense House music with occasional journey in Techno world :)

    Residential program based in most unique club in the world,
    Culture Club Revelin, located in 15th century fortress in town Dubrovnik (Croatia)


Why DANCElectric?

    Because for a short while, a few hours, there are no problems.

    The floor becomes a paradise where ALL are welcome and none are judged.

    We dance because it allows us to see the world the way it should be seen!


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    Mark Knight, MK, Dennis Cruz, Sam Divine, Solardo, CamelPhat, Patrick Topping, Alex Kenji, Manuel De La Mare, Terry Francis, Nathan Coles, Atfc, Full Intention, Tom Bug, Damir Ludvig, Steven Sanders, PeroFullhouse, Ante Jakir, Speed, Audiometric crew, dBA, Casper, Josko Leoni, Black Coffee, PhiberOptic & RooK (sound&visual wizards) and many more

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